Initial Idea


My journey into the world of wing foiling began during my first year in high school. From the get-go, I was enthralled by the sport, taking every opportunity to foil. Yet, mastering the art of foiling was no walk in the park; especially when it came to maintaining my balance on the board.

FOILpal Device

This led to a eureka moment: What if there were a gadget that could help me better understand my positioning while foiling? This thought gave birth to the Foilpal project. Equipped with an MPU6050 sensor, a Raspberry Pi, LED lights, a portable battery, and a waterproof casing, I engineered a device that could be effortlessly affixed to my board.

Dad on Plank

Fast forward to the end of my sophomore year, and I had considerably honed my foiling skills. Although I had improved, I knew that FOILpal had the potential to aid beginners in the sport. This realization propelled me into the next phase: delving into data analytics. My aspiration was to develop a predictive model capable of using historical data to anticipate my movements and alert me if I was on the brink of a wipeout. Cue an unforgettable summer of coding, which included the amusing experiment of placing my dad on a plank with the Foilpal beneath him.

Dad on Plank

Ultimately, I succeeded in crafting a predictive model that could foresee movements up to five seconds in advance. While real-time application during foiling was hindered by processing limitations, the model stood as a powerful testament to the potential of data analytics in the sport. Its accuracy, although not flawless, still offered invaluable insights. All said and done, Foilpal stands as a culmination of passion, innovation, and determination.